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Artist Statement

    My Portfolio has an aesthetic appreciation for the artful landscape as well as an artist’s eye for the essential nude.  The artist has the responsibility to acquire the educated eye in the academic tradition.  This is not to emphasize a scopophilic pretense, however.  The drawing, painting or photographing of the landscape, whether of the land or of the figure, is to strive for the truth within the subject.  The truth that the artist looks for is, I believe, the beauty in all that can be seen.  The search for truth transcends that which is contained in the artist.  I draw, paint and photograph my subjects not as an observer; rather, these images are essential or basic in form and design.     In creating essential images, I do not wish to reinvent those images.  Rather, it is always to one’s benefit to learn from the history of others and study the classical modes of design and composition as it pertains to the greatest masters of art.  One does not look to contemporary practitioners of the art but to the great masters of painting and drawing.  Capturing the light, the photographer defines that light in all its nuances; a daunting task even for the likes of Rafael and Degas!  The painters of light are our ultimate definers unmatched in their composition of subject and technique.  My portfolio shows that while, in art, everything has already been done; nevertheless, it has not been done my way.
     Kochansky was trained in the academic traditions of painting and drawing.  Graduating from the Brooks Institute of Photography with a Masters of Science Degree In Photography, Kochansky has bridged the traditional methods of artist’s workshops of the Renaissance with the contemporary science of digital technology.  The aesthetic of this portfolio seeks to provide a polemic of fine art creation that employs the best of all materials in fine art printing, painting, photography and publishing.  The dialectic of creative art in all its forms takes the position of simple creativity.  Inspiring, elegance in its execution and compositionally challenging, these images are presented in a portfolio of poetic quality.  The frankly constructed images as well as the elaborate paintings are presented here for the viewer in minimalist oeuvres without discrete categories.  The viewers are left to their own interpretations of the images.  
     Kochansky is the author of the Crime of Cuba: A Photographic Journey.  He has been represented by the Amsterdam-Whitney Gallery in New York City, the most beautiful gallery in Chelsea; now relocated to Albuquerque, the jewel of the Southwest!

Artist Resume

New York Institute of Photography      
Rocky Mountain School of Photography      
University of Southern California, Masters of Science in Education      Brooks Institute of Photography, Masters of Science in Photography
   in association with the University of California at Santa Barbara
   in association with Professor Maurizio Seracini, a diagnostician of
   Italian art, an alumnus of the University of California at San Diego; 
   Editech srl                   
Diagnostic Center for Cultural Heritage in Florence, Italy.  (Da Vinci
New York Art Students League, Drawing and Painting
Stanford University, Poetics

Studied with the following individuals (this is called Name Dropping): 
Ralph Gibson, Photography
Edward Hirsch, Poetry
Galen Rowell
Jon Cone, Amazing Printer in Vermont      
Bruce Barnbaum from the Rocky Mountain School of Photography,
Theresa Airey      
Michael  Burban at the Art Students League, New York        
John Lovett, an amazing watercoulorist from Australia      
Jerry Uelsmann and Maggie Taylor      
Dan Burkholder 
Teddy Draper, Jr. from Navajoland, and,      
Gale Bennett from Giverny, France  

Exhibitions    Missoula, MT      Santa Barbara      Venice, Italy      Florence, Italy      New York City      Last represented by the Amsterdam-Whitney Gallery, New York City      Published in the Art Acquisitor, New York   Was represented by and created work at the New Grounds Workshop of Albuquerque.  Currently, dividing my working time between Albuquerque and Venice, Italy...

Author, Digital Art Workflow published by   
Numerous art awards to include the Silver Medal from the International Library of Photography.

Author, The Crime of Cuba: A Photographic Journey, Available now at

Contact Information:

423 Walter St SE
Albuquerque, NM  87102

Phone:  512-289-5978


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Breaking News:
   We are expanding and, as such, have moved into a beautiful, Queen Anne style Victorian era home in the same neighborhood.  The galleries are larger, and the atmosphere will take you back to the late 1800's and early 1900's!  

I have been accepted into the Doctoral Program at the Institute for Doctoral Studies in the Visual Arts. This is a great honor and I look forward to the polemic of the Artist-Philosopher!  These studies will take me to places such as Istanbul, Berlin and New York to further my artistic reach!

     Because Atelier Lucia is a working studio, we are open by appointment only.  Call us and we will be happy to show you our art! Come hear the whisper of the Muse!
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